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Haobo stone had a inspection of Blue Sapphire quarry

Sep 12, 2017

Haobo stone company has joined the Xiamen & Nanan Stone Trade Association more than 10 years.

As the one of members in the Xiamen & Nanan Stone Trade Association shortly called STA, Haobo stone has visited to inspect the quarry of Blue Sapphire from 9th to 10th september, 2017.

We have known that area of the Blue Sapphire quarry is approx at 0.1593 square kilometers.

And annual available of Blue Sapphire quarry is about at 300,000m3.

We were more attractive at largest length of block available in 15m when we had a inspection for the quarry.

The blocks have a very high quality from this quarry that has a better product rate.

Plz don't hesitate to contact me at if you are interested in the Blue Sapphire quarry.

We assure you that we can provide you high quality Blue Sapphire quarry with very competitive price from direct owner of quarry.

The end of this inspection, all members of STA were having a discussion about the stone trade in future.

We believe that all members will become better and better in the field of stone trade.

There are some wonderful photos sharing with you below;

Blue Sapphire Quarry

Blue Sapphire Quarry

Blue Sapphire Quarry

Haobo Stone

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