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Congratulations Tony on having attended China Mining 2018 as spoker

Oct 24, 2018

On October 19th, Tony as the owner of Haobo stone company has attended China Mining 2018.

And Tony has been invited to be present at the Stone Forum of China Mining 2018 as speaker.

The Stone Forum of China Mining 2018 is held by China Mining Association in Tianjin China.

Tony has shared the history of Haobo stone company and craftsman spirit in the stone industry of Huian with guests on the Stone Forum.

Tony has spoken that Haobo stone company will be developed into a glory century enterprise in the stone carving industry.

The most welcome bit is that Haobo stone will respect the design rights of every craftsman. Each sculpture will be engraved with the designer's name and company. So we can make more and more professional craftsmen served in the stone industry.

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