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Haobo Stone Foreign Trade Department 2021 Summer Family Trip

Jul 13, 2021

This is the 2021 summer travel of Haobo Stone Team. At ten o 'clock yesterday morning, we gathered and set off for the spa hotel. After lunch, take a break and then head to the park in the afternoon to enjoy a leisurely hot spring and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

In second day, we went to the Tianzhu Mountain Zoo, and watched animal and performances. Then the third stop is aquarium, watch the sea lion and dolphin performance. Walk through the undersea corridor and feel the blue mystery of the ocean.The summer trip of 2021 of Haobo Stone Foreign Trade Department has come to a successful end. This activity not only enriched the staff's spare time life, but also enhanced the sense of belonging of the team. We will be more united in the future work!

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