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Haobo Stone Company 2021th Mid-Autumn Festival Party

Sep 23, 2021

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is coming again. In order to enrich the entertainment life of colleagues, as well as the holiday greetings and care for staffs, 2021 Haobo stone Mid-Autumn party is coming. In response to the epidemic prevention and control initiative, this year's event was held in Chongwu office, Xiamen offices, Haobo factory.

The Mid-Autumn Festival party began, the following is prizes and wonderful game!!Next, the Haobo factory activity. The epidemic situation is severe, under the adequate protection work, this year haobo stone factory's Mid-Autumn Festival activities are also indispensable. The mooncake gambling team includes the domestic business team, the management team and the production workers, and the scene atmosphere is happy and harmonious.Rich prizes piled up in a room, after a wonderful contest, colleagues have got prizes! We should not only prevent and control the epidemic, but also maintain our enthusiasm.Haobo Stone Co., Ltd. still prepared a festive gift for its employees - mei Xin mooncake gift box, sweet and delicious, full of blessings.Haobo stone company 2021 Mid-autumn party so far a successful end. Wish Haobo staffs a happy and prosperous holiday. Please pay attention to personal protection and wear masks during the covid-19 outbreak. Haobo stone company wish you a happy Mid- Autumn Festivial, wish you health and happiness.

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