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Congratulate Haobo on completing stone arch project in China

Nov 30, 2017

We are very proud that we have finished a great stone arch project successfully.

Stone arch is one of the important type in ancient Chinese traditional building. It is usually built by all kinds of natural stone materials, and the Chinese granite stone is the most popular material for building the stone arch project.

Chinese people usually use the stone arch to recognize one people with meritorious and good service in the form of the buddhist buildings.

We have a rich experience in building stone arch project. And we also have many project cases of stone arch in China. We believe that each stone arch is a unique design from Haobo stone.

This stone arch is made in G606 China granite with carved the pattern of Chinese dragon. It has a length in 30 meters and height in 9 meters. How great is the stone arch for us to build! So we are such proud to succeed to finish it.

Now we want to share some wonderful photos of this project completed successfully in Ganzhou city, China. Pls take your time to have a look, thank you!

stone arch

stone arch

stone arch

stone arch

stone arch

stone arch

Pls don't hesitate to email me at if you are interested in the stone arch project.

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